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Enabling High Performance and Grid Computing Architectures

Major goals of this task are:

  • Definition of a standard format to save the data in files, in order to make them portable and usable for a wide variety of different applications. This part of activity will be closely coordinated with the core community of SA IDIS activity.
  • Creation of a collection of codes and routines, the EMDAF Modelling suite, based on existing programming products, which will be released as open source to the planetary scientific community through SA IDIS. This will be developed according to four basic requirements: a) selected applications must be of high interest and potential usage for the European planetary research community; b) codes must be extendable, reusable and well documented; c) codes must run efficiently on up-to-date HPC and Grid architectures; d) data files must be produced according to well defined standards.
  • Enabling planetary scientists to exploit the HPC facilities and the available applications. This work will follow two stages: (i) enabling applications of the EMDAF Modelling suite to run on local HPC platforms at CINECA; (ii) enabling the EMDAF Modelling suite to run on the European HPC grid DEISA.
  • Linkage of EMDAF Modelling suite and HPC planetary modelling results  to SA IDIS.

JRA3/EMDAF Modelling Suite Specification: EMDAF Modelling Suite

Model run outputs commissioned for use in DNML and for HPC enabling: DNML model run outputs