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Distributed Data Analysis Laboratory (DDAL)

The main goal of this task is to bring together expert teams in data analysis with their present research infrastructures and create a coordinated European interdisciplinary data analysis facility for Planetary Science: a Distributed Data Analysis Laboratory (DDAL). This task will last from months 15 to 42 of the project, overlapping the ICPM&DAT task and then feeding into the catalogue part of SA IDIS. Using modern interactive communication tools, DDAL will establish a flexible multi-algorithm and multi-disciplinary data analysis service for the broad European Planetary Science community. The first implementation of the service will focus on the fields of planetary radio astronomy, space weather and multi-dimensional spectral analysis of electromagnetic fields. The outcomes of applications of the different data analysis algorithms in the key selected topics will be collected and linked to SA IDIS.

DDAL data analysis results and algorithms documentation: D24.4.2 DDAL results