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Interactive Catalogue of Planetary Models & Data Analysis Tools
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Europlanet's "European Modelling and Data Analysis Facilities (EMDAF)" aims to enhance the performance and use of existing European computational planetary modelling and data analysis facilities and to produce a flexible distributed research infrastructure, available to the broad scientific community. The scope of dedicated services of EMDAF includes:

  • providing information on models
  • modelling on request
  • interconnected multi-code modelling
  • multi-disciplinary data analysis services

An essential element of a distributed planetary computational modelling and data analysis infrastructure is an Interactive Catalogue of Planetary Models and Data Analysis Tools where all the models and data analysis routines, as well as their related computational resources, are presented and described in a topic-oriented fashion. The catalogue enables a registered user to advertise his/her own modelling and data analysis facilities, and to find resources useful for his/her scientific work. It provides an interface for mining the existing model runs and for requesting new dedicated modelling and data analysis services, as well as for establishing scientific cooperation with the providers of specific computational resources.

User registration on the catalogue is free and open for everyone interested in computational modelling and data analysis. So, you are welcome to enrol as a user.

Providing resources and content for the catalogue is voluntary for all modelling and research teams. It's up to the provider to decide to what extends his/her modelling and/or data analysis facility may be available to the entire scientific community. In all cases the intellectual property right of a resource developer/provider will be respected. At the moment the following cooperation schemes are supported in the catalogue:

  • For information: this includes providing basic information about the available resource and an email address on which the provider can be contacted by potential collaborators.
  • Run on request: this supposes readiness of a resource provider to respond to requests to run his/her model / data analysis routines and share the results with collaborators in the form of either downloadable data files or the code binaries.
  • Run online: this supposes the existence of interactive web-based interfaces for the provided modelling and/or data analysis tools which enable online operation of the resources by an external remote user.
  • Download of code: this supposes that the provided resource is an open source code available for free download by external users and supported by comprehensive manuals and consulting from the resource developer to ensure its efficient operation.