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Introduction to the European Modelling and Data Analysis Facility

Observational data analysis and modeling are two major aspects of the modern scientific research. Europe has great strength in both these areas, but it is insufficiently coordinated. The need to consolidate the European planetary computational community appeared the primary motivation for the initiation JRA3-EMDAF, within Europlanet Research Infrastructure.

JRA3-EMDAF is aimed at the development of a distributed research infrastructure, based on the European computational modelling and data analysis resources (e.g., computational facilities, data bases, services, etc.), to gain and foster the synergies of their coordinated and coherent use for the benefit of broad European planetary science community.

JRA3-EMDAF develops a generic platform to enhance international cooperation and to provide the conditions under which further development and application of the numerical tools for planetary computational modeling and analysis of observational data are performed on the coordinated basis in close collaboration between scientists and numerical experts.

JRA3-EMDAF performs its functions through four subdivisions (working tasks):

  1. Interactive Catalogue of Planetary Models and Data Analysis Tools (TASK 2)
  2. Distributed Numerical Modelling Laboratory (TASK 3)
  3. Distributed Data Analysis Laboratory (TASK 4)
  4. Enabling High Performance & Grid Computing Architectures, Codes Standardization (TASK 5)

Overall coordination of the activity is provided by the JRA3-EMDAF Management (TASK 1)


The Development of JRA3-EMDAF into an international research support environment is supported by the European Commission's 7th Framework Program, Europlanet Research Infrastructure, grant agreement 228319, as part of the Capacities Specific Programme / Research Infrastructures.