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Main Strategic Goal: Creation of a distributed and coordinated RI, based on the existing in Europe computational modelling and data analysis centres, which will provide the scientific  community with the dedicated services in the fields of their computational & data analysis expertise.


  • To produce a step change in the infrastructure of European activities in planetary modelling and data analysis.
  • To support European planetary space missions and ground-based observations with reliable models and data analysis tools.
  • To support European Planetary Science modelling and data analysis with reliable algorithms and high-performance computing techniques;
  • To bring together European computing and planetary science research groups into a distributed European infrastructure.

Action items:

EMDAF will:

  • Develop web-based tools for planetary scientists to communicate with modelling and data analysis experts.
  • Produce an Interactive Catalogue of planetary models & data analysis tools;
  • Develop a Distributed Numerical Modelling Laboratory, to allow scientists to specify inputs for models to be run ?on demand?, including coordinated, interconnected, multi-disciplinary simulations.
  • Develop a Distributed Data Analysis Laboratory with services ?on demand?;
  • Enable the codes involved with the DNML and DDAL to run on HPC facilities, in cooperation with the European HPC Grid DEISA-2.
  • Perform further elaboration of data analysis and modelling methods for their coodinated use by the scientific community.